We Bought Alarmingly Expensive Car Accessories

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It's easy to spend a lot of money on your car, but it's also easy to cheap out and wish you spent more money. Ask us how we know. Today we bought outrageously expensive car accessories (and outrageously cheap ones) and tried to guess which was which. This is the D-List!

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  • I wish I could but I'm 12 😭

  • That wiper was just shit to promote some bella shop, fuck that ugly hand made trash

    Siikais YTSiikais YT2 күн мурун
  • Lowkey jealous of James’s Whitney Houston shirt 😫😫

    Tuck BrownTuck Brown5 күн мурун
  • Love how the cobra shift knob said 2 sales on it and you guys bought one of the two 🤷🏻‍♂️😂

    Gate0rGate0r5 күн мурун
  • .

    itsTGXIitsTGXI6 күн мурун
  • As a busy bee 🐝 myself 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Elkanah J K WElkanah J K W6 күн мурун
  • Could you guys review this universal black carbon fiber trunk spoiler lip kit for me? It looks like there's a strip you take off to reveal the adhesive then you just stick it on your trunk. There's also a front lip kit.

    Michael leeMichael lee6 күн мурун
  • 6:27 Nice that your sponsor of the day Honey does absolutely nothing on Amazon when it comes to companies drop-shipping trash bags with different names on them. Remember to always look around when shopping online because a $5 per unit trash bag might be sold to you at a 40x markup.

    Isaac BakerIsaac Baker7 күн мурун
  • Me being from England and being 15 and not knowing how to work on cars like damn

    Hadi MiahHadi Miah8 күн мурун
  • The trash bag in my car is a plastic bag from the last time i bought something that came with a plastic bag.

    Matt EvansMatt Evans9 күн мурун
  • Why would you want your trash can to be leather then you cant wash it

    Joy TJoy T13 күн мурун
  • I know of an amazing borosilicate glass artist that makes custom glass shifter knobs. Expensive yes, worth it totally. Matty P @ Toronto flame working technologies.

    Garg710Garg71014 күн мурун
  • I have the interior matching car trash can in my 1970 Mercury Cougar that they used to sell way back in the 70s. It uses small sandbags to keep centered on the console near the rear seat behind the drive/passenger

    Gavin WheelerGavin Wheeler15 күн мурун
  • given some of this stuff, id love to see what you guys do with a 3d printer for car stuffs.

    lvmonkey77lvmonkey7715 күн мурун
  • Softer sack is always ideal

    Joshua GonzalezJoshua Gonzalez15 күн мурун
  • 8:23 sound lol

  • Kentuckycobra is a good name though so....

    Steffen MikkelsenSteffen Mikkelsen15 күн мурун
  • My dream is to work on cars lol I’ll do it for free just to learn more about what I’m doing so I can race one day on the track

    KJ1OXKJ1OX17 күн мурун
  • I'd love to work with you guys unfortunately I'm not in the position to move right now

    TurtlecuberTurtlecuber18 күн мурун
  • I hope yall get my application and call me back. My resume is pretty solidm

    DubteeDubtee18 күн мурун
  • Who needs a trash can wjen you have a passenger floor or backseat

    chezclanleaderchezclanleader18 күн мурун
  • The fact that you gave these scumbags your money for that trash infuriates me

    CBCB19 күн мурун
  • “I’m excited to see these knobs” -some dude from doughnut media

    minimalistic mimeminimalistic mime20 күн мурун
  • Good on Nolan to put the fake scoop on the hood 🤙🏽

    goalmaker88goalmaker8820 күн мурун
  • James: let me see it Also him: has a blindfold on

    Awesome SauceAwesome Sauce21 күн мурун
  • For the job i can’t lol i don’t know nothing about cars but i’m good at jokes so i won’t even have a chance plus, i’m young i’m not like 20 or 30 lol only 14

    Nothing’s HereNothing’s Here21 күн мурун
  • The frightened frightening full fumbling functional icebreaker ophthalmoscopically pause because manicure inversely paste times a cool brandy. rich, rabid salad

    Harderson d.brendayHarderson d.brenday21 күн мурун
  • So is the slime Jeremiah put on the plant on the table not going to be removed 😂😂😂

    Moto DudesMoto Dudes22 күн мурун
  • Was the snake shift knob expensive because of the wood used or it being hand carved? I have 3, 100+ yr old, black walnut trees on my property 🤔

    Josh GJosh G22 күн мурун
  • U want uk presenters?

    gav woodruffgav woodruff23 күн мурун
  • Do a d list indian cars

    Samarth RaoSamarth Rao24 күн мурун
  • Nolan is all about those cans and knobs in this episode

    Zachary RobertsonZachary Robertson24 күн мурун
  • I love Cars and working on cars. Plus I'm very funny and entertaining. Only problem is I will never live in California

    BrutusBrutus24 күн мурун
  • Nice

    Hodor's Left ShoeHodor's Left Shoe25 күн мурун
  • I wonder how many of those expensive stuff were sold. Especially the garbage bag one

    bvc100bvc10025 күн мурун
  • Nolan is blood damn

    Kabir KharadiKabir Kharadi25 күн мурун
  • I felt bad for the cupcake 😂

    Sachira AbhishekSachira Abhishek25 күн мурун
  • Yes yes and yes I tick all the boxes for a host but i live in Aussie

    caleb chilcottcaleb chilcott25 күн мурун
  • 2:39 omg Nolan you got start rocking that headband ! :P

    K.I.D.S.K.I.D.S.25 күн мурун
  • I want to work at donut but I live far

    GaliSkatezGaliSkatez25 күн мурун
  • I don’t believe that shift knob was hand carved

    Bryan LaffertyBryan Lafferty26 күн мурун
    • Here's a link of me making one.

      John JonesJohn Jones25 күн мурун
    • fb.watch/6verjlSAhY/

      John JonesJohn Jones25 күн мурун
  • That stimi hit hard

    PickledCheesePickledCheese26 күн мурун
  • 6:30 Mine is a whopping $1 from Dollar Tree and it's been in my car for over 7 years! Accepts most trash bags! This crap is for people who have more money than common sense!

    P. DubyahP. Dubyah26 күн мурун
  • $200 for a Trash bag? I'll just keep hanging a grocery bag from my glove box, thanks.

    Kegan De MandKegan De Mand27 күн мурун
  • Lmao in the ad they put nolan's junked car

    UhmwhatUhmwhat27 күн мурун
  • The fancy underclothes intialy kiss because prose holly obey despite a handsome pike. wakeful, like spade

    Sylvia GonzalezSylvia Gonzalez27 күн мурун
  • Hood scoup..... cause it makes me more aerodynamic when I fight.

    Xavier TapXavier Tap27 күн мурун
  • is new hilow season out yet?

    Demons_Garage YTDemons_Garage YT27 күн мурун
  • 4:05 how did barely anyone not this?!

    Davii MaiDavii Mai27 күн мурун
  • "Feels like a motel sink..." -James Pumphrey 2021

    WhiteMorpheusWhiteMorpheus27 күн мурун
  • Nolan had the Blood Gang blindfold, woah

    Irshad AhmedIrshad Ahmed28 күн мурун
  • up to speed on kawasaki?

    Siddharth BishtSiddharth Bisht28 күн мурун
  • I mean, I spend that much on Mugen shift knobs. 😬

    Chris RootChris Root28 күн мурун
  • Just take a regular plastic bag, put on one of the handles around your shifter, and there you go lol

    KiraOnii ChanKiraOnii Chan28 күн мурун
  • 4:02 having princes bride flashbacks right now

    Josiah NowakJosiah Nowak28 күн мурун
  • ***I THINKWE CAN ALLAGREE*** We need biovids on all of you guys at Donut Media!!!!!!

    Shelton MShelton M28 күн мурун
  • What is the email to apply to be a host, can’t be found currently.

  • they already have OEM car garbage cans. roll down your window and toss your trash out while driving

    MrRakahMrRakah29 күн мурун
  • Therapist: A donut twerking isn't a real thing. Donut twerking: 7:20

    Vishnu MarichiVishnu Marichi29 күн мурун
  • hi im funny af from germany but i have russian accent , you can def take me in ur team hit me up on insta if you think so too V.streha21

    vladimir strehavladimir streha29 күн мурун
  • I've bought running and driving vehicles for less than some of those products

    Lawson GrayLawson Gray29 күн мурун
  • The “d-list 😜” instead of the *“DDDDDDDDDD-LIST”* threw me off

    SollySolly29 күн мурун
  • I wanna submit. But I’m just not funny enough and I know it😐

    Hitler’s Missing testicle.Hitler’s Missing testicle.29 күн мурун
  • 11:10 get CrisFix in the crew

    FileNotFound__FileNotFound__29 күн мурун
  • The D-List voice was disappointing but funny 😆

    Jackson's RC's and engines!Jackson's RC's and engines!Ай мурун
  • was about to join until i realized i couldn't do the job online.

    MichaelMichaelАй мурун


    John GibsonJohn GibsonАй мурун
  • 1 millionth view

    AudiR8FanboyAudiR8FanboyАй мурун
  • ,

    Jaxine XaviaJaxine XaviaАй мурун
  • Hmm. Timing belt kit or serpent shift knob? Decisions, decisions ...

    clovercloverАй мурун
  • The boundless oven commercially hunt because network uniquely develop save a bloody train. first, quirky cappelletti

    fgvh dfvbdfgvh dfvbdАй мурун
  • I got a tiktok add when they said trash can. What a coincidence.

    OKOKАй мурун
  • I like how the mic on the table is not even plugged in XD

    Gabriel TobingGabriel TobingАй мурун
  • I love how mad they are about the trash bag

    Eddie BoughnerEddie BoughnerАй мурун
  • 2:45 the eyebrow lmafo

    Not Sen3zNot Sen3zАй мурун
  • "Call the police" 😂

    Atlas_Golf-RAtlas_Golf-RАй мурун
  • 1:38 is just the best moment possible

    Humberto AmorimHumberto AmorimАй мурун
  • Do a tacuache video

    TheScarletWolfTheScarletWolfАй мурун
  • That shirt sir pumphrey!!!

    aaclaraaclarАй мурун
  • That shifter knob was dumb as fuck!!! So much, I hate/love it

    Paddy The Irish GuyPaddy The Irish GuyАй мурун
  • I want to see this but with alarmingly cheap mods

    Logan HorvathLogan HorvathАй мурун
  • That ad was awesome

    nova vargasnova vargasАй мурун
  • Anybody else notice that the viper shifter's page said "2 sales"? Does that mean that Donut now owns 50% of the Custom Painted Snake Shifter Knob Handcarved Viper Custom Car Truck Gear Shift Knobs Serpent Made to Order Classic Car Gift Rat Rod in the whole world?

    Ian DaubenspeckIan DaubenspeckАй мурун
  • Bee-Nolan is a being of pure nightmare

    Yohseph CassidyYohseph CassidyАй мурун
  • Amvoyoa is definitely laundering money or something lmao

    HandbeardHandbeardАй мурун
  • I hope these have a return policy hahaha.

    Alfie 38Alfie 38Ай мурун
  • They make the trash bag crazy expensive so they can mark it down for 90% off later and people will think they're getting a deal

    William KnightWilliam KnightАй мурун
  • Cobra Commander called, he wants his shift knob back 😂😂😂

    Frank KayFrank KayАй мурун
  • I would but I’m 12 😞😢

    Dany BoiDany BoiАй мурун
  • "car garbage cans are underdeveloped" *laughs in Skoda*

    A VBA VBАй мурун
  • God this Ad format was such a downgrade.

    ForeverForeverАй мурун
  • I want that whitney houston shirt

    C CC CАй мурун
  • I have to by that knob for my cobra

    Blake BrewerBlake BrewerАй мурун
    • @John Jones that’s actually sick that you made you this could you dm on Instagram? rollen_svt

      Blake BrewerBlake Brewer28 күн мурун
    • The knob I made for the show is actually a yellow banded krait snake. I could design a hooded Cobra for you if you'd like. They look best with mostly no paint just the wood showing through, and a little black for shading and low points.

      John JonesJohn JonesАй мурун
  • Can u put the stupid ad at the end???

    Christian ScheppegrellChristian ScheppegrellАй мурун
  • Maybe next time you'll make it so neither of them can peek outta the bottom of the "eye coverings" ..I'm sorry just sayin' what I thought.

    Debra ClancyDebra ClancyАй мурун
  • Wait - how was this not a tie? Did I miss the tie-breaker rules? -Shawn

    Shawn NoyesShawn NoyesАй мурун
  • Thank you for the Whitney Shirt ❤️,James made my day

    Lincoln DavidsLincoln DavidsАй мурун
  • Engagement engagement engagement

    Sparky MinorSparky MinorАй мурун
  • Nolan looked at that hood scoop like “damn id kinda like that”😂

    Sebastian KowdryshSebastian KowdryshАй мурун